VW Oil Change Interval for Maximum Performance

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Most drivers are aware of the 3,000-mile rule when it comes to oil changes. However, this rule no longer holds, or at least not with the advent of improved engines and synthetic motor oils. Most Volkswagen models, in fact, can last up to 10,000 miles between oil changes. Nevertheless, driving conditions ultimately dictate how often your oil needs to be swapped out. Have your car serviced by a VW auto service to determine the exact oil change interval for your VW.

When to Change Your Volkswagen’s Oil

The oil change per 10,000 miles applies to freeway and highway commuting on smooth terrain and mild weather. More frequent changes may be needed for frequent city driving. ‘City driving’ means regular, short distance commuting, typically under 20-minute trips. If you frequently drive short distances on city streets, then an oil change may be needed more frequently, every 5,000 miles.

Short commuting means that the car is constantly shut off before the engine has time to reach full operating temperature. When the engine is constantly in a ‘warm up phase,’ contamination builds up in the oil. This occurs as a result of burnt and unburnt fuel gases moving past the piston rings during the cylinders’ combustion cycle. The escaped gas eventually finds its way into the motor oil and causes a buildup of impurities.

Only Use VW Motor Oil

It’s imperative for the health of your Volkswagen that you use VW-approved synthetic motor oil. Most VW engines use an advanced fuel injection system that must be lubricated using a specific oil formula. Most generic, petroleum-based oils simply don’t contain the right formula and can cause premature engine wear.

Most Volkswagen models require oil with a VW 502 00 specification. For Volkswagens with a diesel engine, the oil requirement is VW 507 00.

If you’re still a bit uncertain about the exact oil requirements, then take your car to a VW repair service for maintenance. Buttera Motors specializes specifically in VW, Audi and other German vehicles. Contact us to have our technicians take a look at your car and determine the correct VW oil change interval for your car.

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